Individual research projects

Project 1 (UM): Molecular basis of macrophage polarization in vivo during inflammatory episodes

Project 2 (UM): Structure-function relationships of extracellular S100 proteins, mediators of inflammation in human diseases

Project 3 (ULEI): Regulation of infection-induced inflammation: interplay between autophagy and inflammasome pathways

Project 4 (IP): Illuminating antiviral inflammation and neuroinflammation

Project 5 (STUBA): Image processing and analysis of inflammation videos

Project 6 (ELTE): Computer simulations of spatio-temporal processes during inflammation

Project 7 (USFD): Mechanisms of neutrophil swarm initiation and resolution and consequences in inflammatory disease

Project 8 (CNRS): Urokinase pathway and ExtraCellular Matrix remodelling in experimental models of inflammation

Project 9 (RUMC): Inflammation and chronic fibrosis

Project 10 (RUMC): Stromal responses to cancer

Project 11 (Murcia): Inflammasome components diffusion in whole organisms: from local to systemic inflammation

Project 12 (UEDIN): Mendelian human inflammatory diseases

Project 13 (TatraMed): Efficient software solutions for image processing and quantitative analysis in nuclear medicine

Project 14 (Acquifer): Design and implementation of workflow tools for multiplexed time-lapse imaging experiments in zebrafish screening

Project 15 (UM): High content pharmacological screening in vivo using the zebrafish.