First online conference

INFLANET very first online conference was held on 7th March 2022. For the first time all ESRs and PIs met each other virtually!

The aim of this conference was to meet and get know each other – all ESRs and PIs presented themselves through short presentations.

The conference included also first trainings for our ESRs:

  • Course on Ethics and Responsibility in Science covering the topics such as scientific integrity, REACH, animal experimentation and gender issues (women in science and gender in research) held by external speaker Susanne Foitzik (Institute of Organismic and Molecular Evolution, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz);
  • Introduction to animal model of zebrafish by INFLANET PI J.-P. Levraud;
  • Webinar on Research Data Management – Introduction to FAIR and Open Data.

Looking forward to see the whole network in person in May in Heidelberg!