Second conference in Heidelberg

The Second INFLANET Conference and Review meeting took place from 9th to 13th May 2022 in Heidelberg (Germany).

From 9th to 11th May, several trainings and workshop were organised for all ESRs by partner Acquifer and external speakers:

  • Introduction to microscopy
  • Zebrafish imaging and big data handling
  • ImageJ workshop
  • Image analysis course
  • Sample mounting/Zebrafish imaging (hands-on)
  • Inflammation
  • Gene editing

INFLANET 1st Review meeting & Mid-term check were organized on 11th and 12th May 2022 in the presence of all recruited ESRs, their supervisors, the management team and the Project Officer. All 15 ESRs presented their scientific projects and the results obtained so far. Second part of the meeting was devoted to the administrative, organizational and financial issues of the project. The agenda included also restricted session between the Project Officer and ESRs.

We have had great time in Heidelberg and are looking forward to the next meeting in Bratislava in May 2023 !