Outreach and communication

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Communication activities:

Our introductory video will present you the project, its partners and activities planned!

Press office of the University of Murcia (P9) informing about the start of the project.

Article on the MEDNIGHT website (Mediterranean Researchers’ Night).

Facebook page of K.Mikula team at STUBA (P4).

Outreach/public engagement activities:

« Resisting Antimicrobial Resistance: Can we boost our immunity during infection » by Philip Elks (P6) at the Royal Society, Meeting of the Minds, held online on the 29th-30th September 2021.

Presenting a talk entitled « Resisting antimicrobial resistant infections » at the UK national Pint of Science festival that aims to bring science to the general public by speaking in local pubs. By Philip Elks (P6)on May 9th 2022.

Outreach activities of Maria Demou and Resul Ozbilgic at the University of Montpellier, LPHI lab: discussing, explaining and showing experiments to high school students from Montpellier.