Project 10

Stromal responses to cancer

ESR10: Eleni Grosu

Stichting Radboud Universitair Medisch Centrum, Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (Netherlands)

Supervisors: Pr P. Friedl, co-supervisors: local: Dr M. Zegers, external academic: Dr. N. Peyrieras, non-academic: Dr J. Urbán (P11 TatraMed)

Objectives: Using transgenic or antibody labelled cell systems, including T cells (OT-1), myofibroblasts (a-SMA/mCherry), stem cells (Nestin/GFP) and blood vessels (dextran) to study the kinetic distribution and migration patterns of leukocytes, stromal and neuronal cells in mouse models of tumor growth and invasion into the host tissue followed by metastasis, monitored by intravital multiphoton microscopy (iMPM). Aims: 1) Monitor fibroblast/tumor cell interaction during invasion. 2) Identify molecular drivers of stroma-tumor cross-talk by RNAseq. 3) Interfere with identified molecular drivers, using knockout and antibody/small molecule inhibitor strategies.

Expected Results: Stromal drivers and paths of invasion and metastasis; key intervention points.

Secondments: Academic: P3 Institut Pasteur: Prof. P. Bousso, Month 12, 3 months, multiscale analysis of T cell function in vivo; P4 STUBA: Prof. K. Mikula Month 21, 2 months, advanced cell tracking. Non-academic: P18 e-artsup, B. Toupet, Month 26, 1 month.