Project 11

Inflammasome components diffusion in whole organisms: from local to systemic inflammation

ESR11: Annamaria Pedoto

University of Murcia, Department of Cellular Biology and Histology (Spain)

Supervisor: Pr V. Mulero, co-supervisors: local: Dr. S. Tyrkalska, external: academic: Dr. L. Yatime(P1 UM)

Objectives: 1: Implementing tools to track ASC specks release, diffusion and taken up in zebrafish larvae; 2) understanding the role of local inflammasome components release in systemic inflammation and in zebrafish haematopoiesis; 3) Studying the role of inflammasome inmyeloid
cell migration in zebrafish larvae.

Expected Results: 1) Tools to track ASC specks in vivo. 2) Role of local inflammasome speck release in systemic inflammation and haematopoiesis. 3) Role of inflammasome activation and speck release in myeloid cell migration.

Secondments: Academic: P1 Montpellier, Prof G. Lutfalla, Month 24, 2 months: role of regeneration in zebrafish swarming. P2 Leiden, Dr Monica Varela, Month 37, 1 month, inflammasome interactions with autophagy.