Project 13

Efficient software solutions for image processing and quantitative analysis in nuclear medicine

ESR13: Konan Allaly

TatraMed Software (Slovakia)

Supervisor: Dr. J. Urbán, co-supervisors: local: J. Chudík, external: academic: Pr K. Mikula (P4, STUBA), non-academic: Dr J. Gehrig (P12, Acquifer).

Objectives: New efficient algorithms and software design for image processing (filtering, segmentation, registration) through development of software tools, design of numerical methods, efficient implementation of numerical algorithms, parallel and high-performance computing strategies.

Expected Results: Software implementation of new efficient algorithms for quantitative analysis of medical images from nuclear medicine including image filtering, segmentation and registration and image data normalization.

Secondments: Academic: P4 STUBA: Pr. Z. Krivá, Month 16, 2 months, mathematical tools for image analysis, Industrial: P12 Acquifer: Dr. J. Gehrig, Month 30, 1 month, artificial intelligence, image and big data hangling.