Project 6

Computer simulations of spatio-temporal processes during inflammation

ESR6: Tahreem Zaheer

University of Eotvos, Budapest, Institute of Physics (Hungary)

Supervisor: Pr. T. Vicsek, co-supervisors: local: Dr. E. Méhes, external academic: Pr. K. Mikula (P4, STUBA), non-academic: Dr J. Prechl (Diagnosticum).

Objectives: Developing new models that allow the simulation of a selection of spatio-temporal processes during inflammation. The calculations will be aimed at reproducing observed distributions and cell shapes as well as predicting their changes in time. Feedback with experimental data for a improvement loop.

Expected Results: Adequate models of the inflammatory processes will result in a useful classification of phenomena which have not been quantitatively described yet in a way allowing the comparison of concepts and observations.

Secondments: Academic: P4 STUBA: Prof. Karol Mikula, Month 27, 2 months, mathematical analysis, non-academic: P15 Diagnosticum Zrt: Dr. Jozsef Prechl, Month 30, 2 months, test on real data.