Project 5

ESR5: Giulia Lupi

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Department of
Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry (Slovakia)

Supervisor: Prof. K. Mikula, co-supervisors: local: Prof. Z Krivá, external: academic: Pr P. Friedl (P13, RUMC), Non academic: Dr. Jozef Urbán (P11 TatraMed)

Objectives: Development of new mathematical models and algorithms for processing and analysis of 2D and 3D videos of inflammatory processes, cell segmentation, tracking and optic flow estimation.

Expected Results: New mathematical models and numerical algorithms for processing and analysis of inflammatory videos. Software tools for segmentation and tracking of cells in inflammatory videos, tested & tuned on real microscopic data and used as transferable skills.

Secondments: Academic: P7 CNRS: Dr. N. Peyriéras, Month 27, 1 Month, Implementation of analysis workflow, P5 ELTE: Pr. Vicsek, Month 20, 1 Month, Modelling integration, P1 Montpellier: Dr. G Lutfalla, Month 21, 1 Month, test on macrophage videos, Industrial: P11 TatraMed: Dr. Jozef Urbán, Month 24, 2 Months, computer implementation.