Project 15

High content pharmacological screening in vivo using the zebrafish

ESR15: Liz Hernandez Perez

University of Montpellier, Laboratory of Pathogen Host Interactions (France)

Supervisor: Dr G. Lutfalla, co-supervisors: local: Dr M. Nguyen Chi & Dr L. Yatime, external: academic: Dr E. Colucci (Pasteur), non academic: Dr J. Urbán (TatraMed)

Objectives: Develop in vivo screens using zebrafish to identify compounds interfering with inflammation: Develop and validate new efficient tools (zebrafish transgenic lines, imaging, analysing, statistical methods) to screen in vivo on zebrafish embryo new compounds able to decrease inflammation state after disease, infection or wound.

Expected Results: 1) 4D high resolution imaging of immune cells (macrophages and neutrophils) behaviour during inflammation using a format compatible with the screening process. 2) Development of analysis tools to quantify and follow the behaviour of cells (polarisation, fate, number, speed, cooperations). 3) Identification of compounds to inhibit inflammation.

Secondments: Academic: P3 Pasteur, J.P. Levraud 2 months, analysis of cellular populations, non-academic: P12 Acquifer, Dr. J. Gehrig 1 month, screens.