Project 1

Molecular basis of macrophage polarization in vivo during inflammatory episodes

ESR1: Resul Ozbilgic

University of Montpellier, Laboratory of Pathogen Host Interactions (France)

Supervisor: M. Nguyen Chi, co-supervisors: local: G. Lutfalla + graduate school tutor, external: J.-P. Levraud (P3)

Objectives: study mechanisms of zebrafish macrophage polarization in vivo using tissue (fin) injury and bacterial infection: 1/develop new transgenic reporter lines to track pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory macrophages to track macrophage polarization in vivo, 2/ dissect the role of environmental cues that control macrophage activation focusing on Ca2+, pressure sensing and cell death sensing.

Expected results:

1/ 3D+Time videos of macrophage polarization, and macrophage single cell transcriptomics during an inflammatory episode; 2/ Role and identity of channels and receptors involved in inflammation spreading in vivo; 3/ Identification of genes involved in macrophage polarization and inflammatory response (crispr /cas9 mutants) study the effect of crispr /cas9 mutants on macrophage polarization and inflammatory response

Secondments: academic: P4 STUBA, K. Mikula, Month 21, 1 Month: Image processing and modelling, P6 Sheffield, S. Renshaw, Month 14, 1 Month, crispr/cas9 mutants.

Links to other projects: Close collaboration with ESRs 3,4,7-11 on imaging inflammatory processes, with ESRs 5,6,13&14 (image processing, modelling and big data handling), ESR 15 (transgenic reporter line & screens).