Project 12

Mendelian human inflammatory diseases

ESR12: Gaofeng Zhu

The University of Edinburgh, Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine (United Kingdom)

Supervisor: Pr. Y. Crow, co-supervisors: local: C. Uggenti, external academic: J.P. Levraud (P3 Pasteur), non-academic J. Gehrig (P12, Acquifer)

Objectives: Understanding the Genetic basis of autoinflammatory disease, how nucleic acid species (DNA, RNA, RNA:DNA hybrids, from nucleus or mitochondria) triggers inflammation, and the identification of disease-associated transcriptomic signatures.

Expected Results: 1) Development of knowledge of human disease phenotypes and their molecular and cellular drivers 2) Knowledge of, and expertise in omic technologies and the use of these tools for deriving new knowledge relevant to human inflammation 3) Pursuit of mechanistic insights by linking human phenotypes with animal and in vitro model systems.

Secondments: Academic: P3 Pasteur, J.P. Levraud, Month 16, 2 months, Mouse models, P6 Sheffield Prof. S. Renshaw, Month 24, 1 month, zebrafish models, P13 RUMC Prof. P. Friedl, Month 26, 1 month multi model live imaging in mice, Non-academic: Month 30, 1 month, precision medicine and artificial intelligence.