Understanding how inflammation, a normal physiological response, may develop from a beneficial, protective outcome into life-threatening or chronic conditions remains a formidable challenge in immunology. The participants of this project, all experts in the field, have identified a lack of high-level training as an obstacle to achieve this goal. INFLANET thus proposes to train future leaders in a highly interdisciplinary approach, so that they will master all the necessary concepts and tools in inflammation research.

The ultimate goal of INFLANET is to provide innovative solutions for key bottlenecks in the inflammation field. To this aim, the 15 creative, entrepreneurial and innovative ESRs will be trained through 4 overarching research objectives:

  1. Understand how endogenous inflammatory signals are detected, integrated, propagated and
  2. Find the best solutions to integrate molecular knowledge into tissue function and malfunction by intravital imaging of inflammatory processes.
  3. Find the best genomic and transcriptomic approaches to understand the genetic and signalling foundations of human inflammatory disorders and inform therapeutic strategies.
  4. Develop new mathematical tools for the analysis of the different data sets and devise new strategies for computational modelling and simulation of inflammatory episodes.
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